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What To Expect

On your first visit you will be given an Orientation Sheet to read. (If you have any questions, please ask one of our volunteers.) You will be asked to fill out a 'consent form and sign in for the evening. Once seated, you will be given an alcohol prep pad to clean your ears. One of our staff will show you on a model where the 5 needles will go. The needles will be placed in your ears and after everyone has their needles in, the lights will be dimmed and soft music played. After the needles have been in for a few minutes, you will likely begin to feel a deep sense of relaxation. Some people even fall asleep. 

The needles will be left in for between 30-40 minutes, then removed by one of our volunteers. On occasion a site of one of the needles will bleed slightly and this will be cared for by one of our volunteers. The treatment is then over.

After the treatments participants regularly report some of the following:
- Increased mental clarity & alertness
- Improved ability to cope with situations
- Improved sleep
- Reduced aches and pains
- Reduced anxiety & depression
- Reduced intrusive recall (flashbacks)

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