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Who Attends and Why

The Bangor Veterans Acupuncture Project (BVAP) is a free service for all veterans and active duty military personnel and their families.  We recognize and honor your service to our country. As of early 2018, we also welcome first responders.

We acknowledge that you may have sustained physical, emotional or spiritual injury in the line of duty.  We also acknowledge that your family may have suffered distress as a result of your service. As a complement to the resources already available to you, we offer acupuncture as an additional tool for you to use to deal with these issues.

Participants most often attend seeking relief from the following:
     - Trouble with thinking or concentration     
     - Stress and/or intense emotions
     - Insomnia
     - Pain (acute and chronic)
     - Anxiety & depression
     - Nightmares and/or flashbacks 

We appreciate your presence and hope you will return with another Veteran who is in need.

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